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Operated by Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC, for the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. The information contained in these courses are intended for use by the Lawrence Livermore National Security,LLC. and may be updated at any time to meet LLNL's ongoing training needs. These training courses are presented with the understanding the information and materials provided in them were developed based on specific circumstances present at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory at the time of publication. Those circumstances may or may not be similar to conditions present at other locations. The course materials and information will need to be adapted accordingly. LLNL will not be liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from use of this material and assumes no responsibility for course information used by outside parties.

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External Users Web-Based Training Courses
Computer Based Training Courses

For lecture and video courses, go to the Hazards Control Safety Education and Training web-site or use the LLNL course catalog.

External Users Web-Based Training Courses

Take WBT courses at your computer or in our training center located in T-1889. Call 2-0587 to schedule an appointment. Contact Paul Hara at or ext. 2-2238 for the URL to our site. Courses may also be accessed from MyLLNL.
DT0095-W  Site 300 Access Safety Orientation
EM0001-W Emergency Preparedness Orientation
EM1500-W  Disaster/Self-Help Overview
EM1510-W  Disaster/Self-Help Leadership
EM9001-RW  Emergency Response Organization Training Refresher
EM9010-W  Orientation to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Department Operations Center (DOC)
EM9010-RW  Orientation to the EOC and DOCs - Refresher
EP1006-W  Waste Management Overview
HS0016-W  Site Access Safety and Security Orientation
HS0017-W  Site Access, Environment, Safety and Health Orientation
HS0018-W  General Hazard Training
HS0035-W  Human Subjects Research Training
HS0075-W  Student Safety Awareness for Supervisors
HS0095-W  Site 300 Safety Orientation Training
HS0096-W  Valley Fever
HS0100-W  ES&H Annual Briefing
HS1670-W  Fire Extinguisher Safety
HS2070-W  Handling Explosives in Quantities Less Than or Equal to 10mg
HS2120-W  On-Site Explosives Transportation Safety
HS3104-W Fundamentals of Criticality Safety for Non-material Handlers - (LLNL)
HS3104-DOEW Fundamentals of Criticality Safety for Non-material Handlers - (DOE)
HS4240-W Chemical Safety
HS4241-W Chemical and Laboratory Safety
HS4258-W  Beryllium Awareness
HS4258-RW  Beryllium Awareness Refresher Training (2004)
HS4261-W  Lead Awareness
HS4370-W  Fields and Waves
HS4610-W  Air Purifying Respirators
HS4620-W  Airline Respirators
HS4630-W  SCBA Respirators
HS4661-W  Issuing N-95 Filtering Facepieces
HS4680-W  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Analytical, Research and Quality Assurance Laboratories
HS4686-W  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
HS5030-W  Pressure Safety Orientation
HS5030-RW  Pressure Safety Operator Refresher
HS5040-W  Intermediate Pressure Safety
HS5050-W  High Pressure Safety
HS5060-W  Pressure Consultation
HS5094-DOEW  Hydrogen Safety
HS5200-W  Laser Safety
HS5200-NTC SAF-115 DOE Laser Safety Training
HS5210-W  Capacitor Safety Orientation
HS5220-W  Electrical Safety
HS5230-W  High Voltage Safety
HS5245-W  Lockout and Tag
HS5311-W  The Selection and Use of Hand Tools
HS5420-W  Bicycle Safety
HS5500-W  Seismic Safety
HS5620-W  Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Safety
HS6001-W  General Employee Radiological Training (GERT)
HS6010-W  Radiological Worker Training
HS6300-W  Contamination Control
HS6836-10W  Update to ES&H Manual Document 20.3
HS6913-W Chelation Therapy
HS6940-W Radiological Safety for Emergency Personnel
HS6988-W Radiation Generating Device Safety
IS0012-W LLNL Work Planning and Control Process
PA0008-RW Human Reliability Program Refresher
PA0012-W LLNS Drug Free Workplace Training

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Call 2-0587 for an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome and are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis if space is available.

HS6300 Contamination Control
HS6311 Tritium Contamination Control
HS6312 Uranium Contamination Control
HS6313 Plutonium Contamination Control
HS6316 Contamination Control Low-Level Lab

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